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Security seal

   If you want to set up a new workshop for security seal production you have to have the main mahine of injection and mold for injection of such plastic part of the seal

  1. Security seal with both plastic part and metal bullet part

  security seal

  The major size of the security seal usd in container sealing

 mold for security seal plastic part

 The mold for security seal plastic part injection

injected parts of security seal

The plastic parts are injected after inserting the metal bullet into mold first

bullet part of security seal

The bullet parts are manufactured by special supplier who produce daily with huge quantity thus gaining less cost

2. Plastic seal tag

 The production for plastic seal tag is quite simple, only with the help of mold and injection machine mainly without complicarted processs

like security seal which need inserting the metal bullet first and do the injection afterwards

mold for plastic seal tag

The mold can have an output of one to eight or one to ten (one molding with 8 or 10 products output)

size for plastic seal tag

The above the one the main sizes for plastic seal tag

3 Plastic securiy seal

  There are growing demand for plastic security seal used in electricty industry and other industries needed with such seals

plastic security seal

 This is one of the sizes of plastic security seal, if you need other design or sizes it may also offers with special designing and whole set of

production equipments






Security seal
Plastic seal tag
Plastic securiy seal