steel strapping seal machinesteel strapping seal machinesteel strapping seal machine

Order list from customer for steel strapping seal and material

 One set of steel strapping seal machine for making 32 x 45 x 0.9 mm steel strapping seals

 steel strapping seal 

 Type: pusher type

 Application tool:he Signode PN-114, PN2-114, PRHR-114 or the Fromm A452, A483

 The 32mm push seal also goes by: 114-HP 114-P 1032-PBH 803 S114PO3 114-PB

 Steel coil ordered for the applicatioin:HS340LA, which is made by Baosteel one of the top steel mills in the world

 Steel coil yiled strength: 340Mpa

 Steel coil width: 45 mm

 Steel coil specification:

Standard Name: cold rolled automobile structural parts steel
Execution standard: Q/BQB419-2009
Material / Brand: HC340LA
Use: mainly used for car parts
Origin: Baosteel
Chemical composition (melting analysis)%
C: = 0.10
Si: = 0.5
Mn: = 1.10
P: = 0.025
S: = 0.025
Ait: = 0.015
Nb: = 0.09
Tia: = 0.15
Specimen test (tensile, flexural, test specimen for horizontal; Mpa)
Yield: 340-420
Tensile: more than 410-510
Extension: 21

steel coil for steel strapping seal

Ordered goods packing: 20 feet container

machine two sets: one automatic strapping seal machine and one set of steel scrap strapping seal machine

steel coil: 17 tons




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