steel strapping seal machinesteel strapping seal machinesteel strapping seal machine

PET Strapping Seal Machines

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    Features of this polyester strapping seal machine has been released at the youtube video channel, please click the page and see the

features of the this mahchine >>>

  • PET strapping seal machine

pet strapping seal machine        

Speed:90 pieces/minute

material: steel coil

Specification: PET strapping seal specification

Video: pet strapping seal video

pet strapping seal machine

  • PET strapping seal with fast speed (120 pieces/minute)

   If you have a machine which can produce as fast as 120 pieces/minute for your production, that means you produce about 70,000 to 80,000 in one working day and if you sell the product at a price of  0.01 usd/piece in your local market as minimum pricing, you will get a 700-800 usd output and sale per day and will get 40,000 usd output and sale in two month, you will get the machne investment funds back in two months production and sales if you have a 15% minimum profit out of production and sales. 

  Please do not hesitate to email us for more information about it. 

         Video of the fast speed pet strapping seal machine >>> 

  •   If you need to produce 1/2" and 3/4" PET strapping seal, we provide you with the molds to change with and it is easy to change  in few

few minutes as shown in the video ( see vide of how to change molds between 1/2" and 3/4" seal)