steel strapping seal machinesteel strapping seal machinesteel strapping seal machine


 As the world wide slow down and situation for ecomony is pretty weak, many buyers can not afford to purchase many items from many supppiers for the sake of time consuming and low efficience, so we are frequently requested to ship their goods or machines except our strapping seal machine and we have done great services for that and get much possitve confiramtion and reputation. 

  So we provide you with services of exportation of goods from ours and from other supplier which being put into one standard or high container for the convenience of imporation and management of busienss.Second, we may arrange your business trip to China including accomodation and schedule for whole trip. We are also willing to provide services for your purchasing in China when you are not conveinient to come here by yourself

  .We may provide you with translation services for your contacts in China who do not speak or read english and do translation for technical manual or specifications and provide background investigation for you when you hesitate to decide a business with potential partner here in China.
  We sincerely hope to cooperate with you for long term on the base of win win result and develop business jointly.

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