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  • Importer 10 years of experience 10 people part time  

    We are looking for the agents in your country who are responsible for the sales of our machines of strapping seal clips and strapping buckles.

    If anyone can sell 10 machines/year for your country, we will offer you the sole agent for all our machines and tools selling in your country

    Especially, we are looking for the agent for selling and promoting the machines of strapping buckles

    Composite cord strapping is designed as one of the best alternative to metal strapping.

    When used with buckles, composite strapping provides you the strongest and most reliable joint. In fact it is considered the most durable joint in the strapping industry.

    The machine which produces the buckles are very important in the whole industry line which need to be fast, cost effective and safe + stable.

    our buckle machine provides the solution to the needs of customers.

    we have 13 buckle machine16 buckle machine19 buckle machine and 25 buckle machine and will have newly developed 32 x 7 mm mechanical machine soon


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