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Cord straping square shape buckle in South Africa





Customer from South Africa ordered machine again for 1/2" Square Wire Strapping Buckles


There is a machine by which you can produce the 1/2' heavy-duty cord strapping buckles used

for tensioning polyester cord strap or polypropylene strap.


Why this square shape of buckle is designed?

Because it is better to use this square buckle for package in which surfaces are always smooth and this

shape of buckle can lock the loads down better than another shape of buckle through contrast testing.

What is its main application?

Strapping buckles are used for Polypropylene and Poly Woven Cord Strapping. This works best with strapping

that doesn't have a smooth surface. It's important to know you're producing always-dependable, top-quality security

and our machines of strapping buckles provide the security you need.

What is the material used for the buckle?

It is hardened steel wire with yield tensile strength > 800 Mpa

How much is price of the steel wire?

Usually it is about 0.7 USD/per KG for galvanized cold draw steel wire

How much the price for selling in the market?

Usually it is about 2 USD/ per KG for the whole sale price.

The weight of one piece of the buckle is about 6 grams



The machine test is OK with customer












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