Strapping clips & buckles making machines

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pet-strapping clip-machine

Machine of PET strap clips

automatic running with speed of 90 pieces/minute

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steel-strapping clip-(clip) machine

Machine of steep strap clips

fast speed and logo can be embossed in same machine

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strapping buckle machine with high speed

Machine of woven strap buckles

one of the most powerful strapping applications is the use of composite cord buckle strapping

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semi automatic-strapping clip-machine with manual feeding by steel scraps material

Steel-scraps-recycle clips machine

the machne can use steel scraps material to produce steel -strap clips-.

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pp-strapping clip-machine for closed seal (clip)

PP (closed) strap seal machine

it is made by overlapping wrapped so it has more powerful in tension than open seal

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strapping seal machine for seal(clip) with emossed inner points

PP ( embossed points) clip machine

the embossed points machine is widely used in Latin America countries.

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steel coil uncoiler and steel wire uncoiler

Steel coil & steel wire uncoiler

Your economic solution for the steel coils and wires uncoilers

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Hydraulic buckle machines

Hydraulic strap buckle machine

One machine can make all sizes of cord strapping buckles with slow speed

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Good and cheap strapping tools

Good and cheap strapping tools

If you need good and cheap strapping tools seealers and tensioners, you will get as you wish

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steel drum making machines

Stainess steel banding & buckle, tools

A one-stop for your telecom purchasing of stainless steel banding items

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economic solution for pp and pet strap clips

Economic solution for pp & pet strap clips for big quantity

If you need big quantity of cheap & good PP/PET strap clips you can get as you wish

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strapping related machines and tools

Strapping related machines and steel strip and steel wire

Offering strapping related machines and tools and steel coil materials

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